(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions



Rentals are based on time out NOT for time USED.  Day rates on equipment are for a 24 HOUR period with 8 hours on the meter. 


What is Equipment Protection and how much does it cost? (This applies to both Equipment & Event Rentals)

Equipment Protection covers accidental or unintentional damage cause to the rental item while it is on rent. 

We highly recommend Equipment Protection as it is a minimal 10% charge of the total rental bill.


Can I rent an item hourly?

No, the majority of our rentals have a minimum of a 4 hour rental, while other items only have a minimum 8 hour rental available.  


Do I need to clean or refuel the rent equipment before returning the item?

Yes, all items used should be brought back clean and refueled with the according fuel. If not, additional charges will occur for cleaning and per gallon charges for fuel.


What size of vehicle do I need to pull equipment?

For a majority of our equipment, a 3/4 ton or larger vehicle is required. For our largest items, i.e. 50G excavator, Genie 5519, a one ton or large is required. Trailer lights and Trailer brakes are required.

Please refer to your vehicles owner's manual in regard to the towing capacity of your vehicle. If you have questions regarding if your vehicle has the capacity to haul an item, please contact us directly. 


Do you deliver/pick up rental equipment and product?

Yes we do! Delivery/pick up fees will apply, based on distance from our shop and the item(s) being delivered. Please advise our staff of delivery instructions. 

Dependent on the type of product being deliveried, one or several deliveries may need to be made. Each trip is one delivery fee. Full payment for product is due before the product will be delivered. 

Do I have to pay upfront for my equipment rental?

No, we do not require payment upfront unless other circumstances arise. A debit/credit card number may be asked to be held but will not be ran until the rental item has been returned. Payment is due upon the return of the rented item- we accept cash, debit/credit cards (VISA/MC/AMX/Discover) and check with a valid drivers license number. Those that wish to open a revolving credit account may ask for an application at anytime. 

Does your equipment come with a trailer or do I have to rent one?

Yes, our equipment comes with a trailer for your convenience. Charges will apply if the trailer is out for more than one day.

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